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The Beginning

It all started with my great Grand Parents who migrated from Italy, had a deep-rooted love for Italian Flavors. Their migration marked the beginning of our family culinary legacy, carrying with them recipes and passed down through generations. First arrival in Brooklyn, became the backdrop for the inception of our family’s culinary traditions. Through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to preserving authentic Italian tastes, they laid the foundation upon which Via Sposito now stands. As time unfolded, the essence of Italy was transplanted to New Jersey, carrying with it the flavors, aromas, and warmth of Italian kitchens. 

Every generation

We're Growing

With each passing generation, the flame of passion for traditional Italian cuisine continued to burn brightly, igniting the creativity of the 4th Generation Esposito Brothers, Anthony and Vincent Esposito Jr

Their innovative spirit merged the old-world charm inherited from our great-grandparents with contemporary cooking techniques, local seasonal produce, and a commitment to tantalizing the taste buds of our patrons.

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Italian Taste

Stepping into Via Sposito is an immersive experience, where the ambiance echoes the authenticity and richness of Italian culture. The air is filled with the aromas of coal-fired pizza, the allure of imported cheeses, and the enticing fragrance of cured meats sourced directly from Italy. 

Every dish that graces our tables, each batch of pasta, and every morsel of fresh mozzarella reflects our commitment to excellence. Crafted daily with the finest, freshest ingredients, they carry forward the legacy of our great-grandparents, ensuring that each bite is a celebration of tradition and flavor.


Sip & Enjoy

Via Sposito beckons as an indulgent experience fit for both leisurely lunches and intimate dinners, ideal for fostering connections during business gatherings or joyous family celebrations. So, arrive famished and accompany your appetite with your cherished bottle of our own Villari Wine – or BYOB.